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Future Ambient Drone

Future Ambient Drone

Future Ambient Drone

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Bursting with deep, dark and mesmerising atmosphere, Future Ambient Drone is here for those wanting to create soundscapes and textures that will take people away to unworldly lands. Think dystopian future combined with choruses of angels, if such a thing is even possible!

Combining tuned, melodics and textural noise, this pack has a huge range of sonic qualities to be easily utilised for a range of purposes. We've created drones with guitars that hang in the air, moving and weaving about the stereo field. We have percussive elements that lay down a perfect background for deep, organic tracks that throb with life. Warm beds of sounds that sit perfectly waiting for higher melodics to come creeping over the top. Deep gut wrenching dronesthat pulse with energy and excitement and unearthly pad sounds that rise and fall, building drama and suspense.
There are drums which can be layered up into amazing, cinematic textures to give an extra dimension to your productions. We have discordant drones that will make people feel more than a little uneasy and are perfect for dark genres like drum and bass, techno and dubstep. 
This is an expansive package with many uses and one we aim for you to be coming back to for years to come. There is huge potential contained within for a multitude of genres and with layering and combining the sounds and almost unless amount of sonic expression is possible.

Technical Spec:

  • 1.02GB of 24 Bit WAVs
  • 39 Abstract Drum Loops
  • 15 Moving Atmospheres 
  • 9 Deep Drones
  • 21 Guitars Drones
  • 19 Textures Noise Pads
  • 17 Unworldly Pads
  • 19 Tuned Percussive Textures
  • 11 Warm Sound Beds

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